The Commonwealth Health Accelerator Micro-scholarship Program (CHAMP)

What is CHAMP?

The Commonwealth Health Accelerator Micro-scholarship Program (CHAMP) is designed to enable high achievers in key fields including health informatics, electronics, software, machine learning, artificial intelligence, medical research and behavioral science to take part in developing and scaling up frugal digital healthcare products and services. The programme is managed by the Commonwealth Digital Accelerator (CDA).

The participants in the programme, CHAMPions, would take part in developing and scaling up of frugal digital healthcare solutions by participating in industry funded projects called Digital Health Challenges. CHAMPions would have the opportunity to directly engage with industry and to access tools and resources that they would not have access to on their own to develop frugal digital healthcare solutions – low cost, highly effective, and scalable products and services.

Who should enroll in the CHAMP?

Enrollment in the CHAMP is open to applicants with the right credentials from any country. All applicants would undergo a verification process to establish their credentials before being enrolled into the programme. Once enrolled, applicants would be registered as CHAMPions.

What is the process of application and enrollment?

The application and enrollment process is a two-step process:

As the first step, potential CHAMPions can apply online at <Link>. The applicants can create an online profile that include their demographic information, interests, skills, qualifications, achievements and evidence to support their profile including work examples and mentor reference letters.

The second step is the verification process that involve reviewing the disclosed information against a set of pre-defined criteria. This may also include an interview.

Successful applicants would then be enrolled as CHAMPions and shall be able to access the CHAMPions Dashboard. The CHAMPions would then be eligible to take part in industry sponsored Digital Health Challenges.

The CHAMPions can update their profiles as and when they acquire new skills and qualifications or achieve something.

How would a CHAMPion be selected for a Digital Health Challenge? 

The CHAMPions would have password protected access to a personal dashboard that would have a list of challenges offered to the CHAMPion based on his/her profile. The CHAMPions would have the opportunity to accept or decline an offer within a predefined time period. The CHAMPions who complete challenges successfully would be rewarded with a star rating and performance based rewards. The ratings that CHAMPIons receive in already completed challenges would determine the chance of future challenges being offered to them. The rewards on offer, including financial rewards, for participating in a challenge, would be disclosed to the CHAMPion when the challenge is offered to them.

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