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The Commonwealth Center for Digital Health (CWCDH) is pleased to announce the launch of the Commonwealth Digital Academy in collaboration with the International Institute of Health Sciences’(IIHS) E-Incubator.  IIHS is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. IIHS is also affiliated with the Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation.

Commonwealth Digital Academy

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IIHS whilst aligning with the Mission of the Commonwealth Centre for Digital Health (CWCDH), provides the online platform ‘E-INCUBATOR’ to deliver undergraduate and continuous professional programs (CPD) for nurses utilizing innovative digital technologies that are appropriate for even low resource settings making education accessible for nurses globally.

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The vision of the CWCDH would be to strategically digitalise the health system across the components identified in the Commonwealth’s Systems Framework for Healthy Policy (SFHP) to build sustainable health systems that act as a common good for all.


The universal goal of the CWCDH is to create a more equitable market across the Commonwealth and incubate Digital Health innovation and venture capital in the best places in order to implement SDG3 focusing on:

  1. delivering innovative digital health technologies, infrastructure and services appropriate for low resource settings;
  2. setting up partnerships to implement the new sustainable development agenda, to achieve scale, improve efficiency and develop education and training; and
  3. putting in place new financing mechanisms and business models based on the Commonwealth’s value-based investment guidelines.

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